Time Management in Ramadan

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Ramadan is literally around the corner! How excited are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

If you’re on a -10 or quite low down the excitement scales then Inshallah read this blog along with our Gateway to Ramadan blog and you’ll be excited by the end of it. If you prefer to listen rather than read then click on the link for our exclusive ‘Time Management in Ramadan’ video.

…One thing that really gets you in the mood for Ramadan is the preparation for it! When you start making a diary, a plan, knowing that you want the next 30 days to be phenomenally different to the rest of the 335 days of the year then you will make the coming month a special one.

Read on to get into the spirit and prepare your time successfully for the month of Ramadan Inshallah…


Time Management – Why?

As the long awaited month of Ramadan approaches us, it is now more than ever incumbent upon us to prepare for this holy month, and first on the to do list is our Time Management.

In reality we waste our lives away in worldly acts, with little or no importance, ‘air drifting’, surfing the web, watching TV, idly lazing around, over-sleeping, overly socialising.

But the blessed month brings with it an opportunity to get back on track with attaining our ultimate purpose which is knocking on our doors once again. So, this year make an intention, not to let it go to waste!

But how should we use every second of our time busy in acts in accordance with Allah’s will? As mentioned earlier, the first matter we need to get right is how we manage our time.

Put it this way – You have the opportunity to enter a cave full of countless jewels and gems and you can take whatever you will until your heart is content. But you only have 30 days. How will you use that time? Ramadan is like that cave and with a structured method to enter this month of endless mercy right until the time for its departure, you will succeed in filling up your heart with the treasures of Ramadan.


Failing to plan, is planning to fail

To understand how we’ve been doing it all wrong we just need to think back to any day of Ramadan that we can recall. Now try and recollect what made that day different to any other ordinary day of the year.

Yes you were fasting, you abstained from food all day, you prayed Taraweeh, and some of you even started praying your 5 daily prayers. Chances are most of us did the bare minimum. During Suhoor we busy ourselves preparing food and filling our stomachs for the long day ahead. We pray Fajr exactly at its allocated time because we need to get back to bed – and we sleep until Zhuhr. We stay involved in activities with education, family responsibilities, and business throughout the day. By Asr we start complaining about our hunger, keeping our eyes glued to the clock right until Maghrib. Once again we busy ourselves preparing food for Iftaar and once the long awaited time finally arrives we demolish everything on our plate. Of course a big feast means a lot of unclean dishes, so we spend the next part of our day cleaning. By the time for Taraweeh fatigue has overcome us, so we pray 8 rakaat if any. This exhaustive routine is repeated for the rest of the month.

After Ramadan departs we notice zero difference in our religiosity, we remain the same person we were before Ramadan, except with a different diet plan. While we had the opportunity to enter the cave of Jewels we took out the bare minimum. This is indeed a great loss.

So now that we realise the problem, let us focus on the solution. How do we attain sufficient jewels to suffice us for the rest of the year?


Good Time Management

  1. You need to have an organised plan ahead of Ramadan of what you will be doing within the blessed month.  Make a day-to-day time plan, one for the weekdays when you are studying/working and one for the weekend to include more of your free time. Every moment is precious so account for it and prepare for it.
  2. Do not be too rigid with your plan and make sure you give yourself some opportunity for manoeuvre. Allocate family time, chores, work and prioritise your activities.  Below, are some of the activities you can include in your worship.
  3. Deactivate the social media for the blessed month. Yes, it does have its positives but for most people its harms outweigh the good and time in plenty is wasted flicking and scrolling away.
  4. Use your time to work on your character, what is it that you are struggling with. Make a spider diagram or a list and work out what traits you are struggling with, anger, swearing, jealousy.  Then you can try and tackle it.  One of our mentors at Prophetic-Path.com will be more than happy to discuss and organise a plan with you.
  5. You can use your time to read and ponder over the Holy Qu’ran. Spend quality time with the blessed book to understand what Allah ﷻ is telling you.
  6. Spend your time helping your family and re-building good connections with them.
  7. You can also learn and refresh the basics of your fiqh and aqeedah knowledge.
  8. Let this be a month to make a change to your life – bring about positive Ramadan Resolutions.


Free Online Courses on Ramadan – including Time Management

Lesson 1 – Purpose of Fasting

Lesson 2 – Fiqh of Fasting

Lesson 3 – Time Management in Ramadan


Remember to Start Ramadhan with Salatul Taubah – ask forgiveness for all past sins intend never to return.

Remember to fit whatever goodness you can into your schedule. A firm intention will aid you through your struggle in sha Allah.

As every second counts, every second is an extra jewel so busy yourself in Amaals that will bring you closer to Allah ﷻ.


Unique Method at www.Prophetic-Path.com

Remember, you can always download our app, Android and iPhone or use our website to talk to our Mentors and learn more about Ramadan.


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