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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ told us, as narrated by Al-Imam al-Bayhaqi, that:


“Sha’ban is a month between Rajab and Ramadhan, much neglected by people. In it, the actions of all servants are raised to the Lord of the Worlds; I love that my actions are not presented except that I am fasting.”


Sha’ban is often referred to as the neglected month because in this month the majority of people are heedless as to what could be gained, where people are concentrating on ‘enjoying’ themselves as much as possible before the ‘hardships’ of Ramadhan and the only preparation for the arrival of the blessed month is the preparation of food.


To avoid being amongst those who are negligent and instead to envelope oneself in the footsteps of the Beloved of Allah peace be upon him and his companions we should utilise this blessed month to strive to perfect ourselves and learn from our mistakes whilst we prepare for the ‘Big One’ – Ramadhan!  So, as to really achieve the objective behind fasting and indeed life itself – to become those who are constantly aware of Allah (al-Muttaqun).


How do we possibly expect to achieve this if we just dive unprepared into Ramadhan without a care in the world, not having conditioned our bodies, physically and spiritually in Sha’ban?


How can we work on preserving our energy during Ramadhan, not simply to last till Sunset, but to pray all the extra sunnah available if we don’t try and test ourselves now?


How will we know the looseness of our tongue, eyes, ears, hands, feet if we don’t catch them out now?


How will we ever realise what evils we have harboured in our mind and hearts during Ramadhan when we don’t try refraining ourselves from the evils during our fasts today?


Surely, the fact that we can perfect ourselves and reach the true goal during Ramadhan is simply by exerting ourselves now during Sha’ban!


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Remember us in your blessed prayers.









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