Purification of the feet using Prophetic Path

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The feet carry the body around, and wherever the body goes, the heart of man follows as well.  Therefore, it is essential to control where to place your feet so as to avoid of the corruption of the heart.

As we know, every limb of the human body is a like a window or a channel to the heart, which is the most significant element of our physical and spiritual being, for God Exalted is He said in the Noble Quran:


“The Day when neither money nor sons will profit (anyone), Except for him who comes up to Allah with a sound heart.”


And Ibn Ata’Allah al-Sakandari (RA) write in his Taj al-Arus’ that,


“Your members are irrigation channels that flow to the heart. So beware of irrigating your heart with wickedness, such as backbiting, instigation, vile talk, looking at things that unlawful to look at, and the like.”


In this blog we will try to cover some of the major and minor sin of the feet and finally how use it positively in order to rectify or refine one’s feet to avoid the corruption of our hearts.


What is said about the feet in the Quran

Allah ﷻ says in the Qur’an:



“On that day We will set a seal upon their mouths, and their hands shall speak to Us, and their feet shall bear witness of what they earned.” (36:65)


As mentioned in the Quranic verses, the feet like the other organs of the body will testify or bear witness for what man used to do with them during his life span.


In relation to this Imam Birghivi (RA) wrote in his book the “Path of Muhammad” that,


“Do not let your feet lead you to places where evil is spoken or listened to, tasted or smelled, seen or touched, thought or felt specially when your ego invites to participate in it.”


Among those places mentioned by Imam Birghivi (RA) we can mention:

  • the pubs
  • the clubs
  • the cinemas
  • vain places.
  • It is also forbidden to visit or to meet a non-Mahram (a person that you can marry) with unlawful intention and this by walking, driving or any other means.
  • Also a person should avoid to visit all those people that maybe family, friends, colleagues who influence you towards sins.


In reality, what to fear the most is the hidden call of the ego that invites the feet to carry the body to sinful places. That is why a person should be mindful and avoid going to all those places which could influence your heart and sensual organs in committing sins.


Moreover, since we live in a society with people around us, it is important to respect others with regards to their houses, gardens and like.


Living in harmony

In relation to the Islamic concept of living in harmony with people in society and in order to avoid conflict, Imam Birghivi(RA) also mentioned in his book that:



“For instance we are not permitted to enter any area that does not belong to us without the agreement of the owner. Whether the place in question is someone’s home, garden, planted field, or even totally barren land without any wall or indication of boundary, it is out of bounds for any Muslim unless permitted by the owner. If one absolutely has no bad intention and is in dire need of crossing that area to reach someplace else, and if there is no possibility of obtaining the owner’s permission we may hope to be excused, because it is a known custom in Islam that believers allow other believers to cross their property in good faith”


Corrupt Rulers

Among the other sinful places hated by the Prophet ﷺ, is for a believer to visit corrupt rulers with the intention of participating in their corruptions.  The Prophet ﷺ said to Ka’b Ibn Ujra:



“O Ka’b, may Allah protect you from frequenting the rulers that will come to rule after my time. Those who seek favors at their doors, believe in their lies, and support them in their tyranny are not of us, and I’m not of them. I will not intercede for them on Judgement Day. But those who may pass through their door yet do not believe in their lies or support them in their tyranny are of us, and I am with them. I will intercede for them and quench their thirst on Judgement Day, serving water to them from my fountain.” (Tirmidhi)


In another more general prophetic saying concerning the feet reported by Abu Hurayrah, the Glory of humanity ﷺ said:


Do not wander in the wilderness, for the desert dwellers’ heart grows hard. Do not go chasing animals to hunt: it is a sign of unconsciousness. Do not visit rulers, for you will fall into intrigue and mischief. The closer you get to the rulers of the world, the further you will get from your Lord. (Imam Ahmad)


Friday Prayers – Jummah

Finally, it is important to mention the hadith concerning Friday prayers as it is unfortunate to nowadays see the ignorance of society about this important etiquette during the sermon of the Imam. In fact, Mu’adh ibn Anas reported that the Prophet of God ﷺ salaam said:


“In the crowd of Friday congregational prayers, someone who jumps over other people’s shoulders in order to get ahead of them has built for himself a bridge to Hell. (Tirmidhi)”


Positive use of the feet

Like the other organs of the body, the feet are a blessing from Allah ﷻ, so a person should use his feet to get closer to God Exalted is He. The feet should be used in ways that please Allah ﷻ, for everything that we do should be for that purpose, to attain the closeness and pleasure of Allah ﷻ.

Concerning positive use of the feet, Abu Hurayra reported that the messenger of God ﷺ said:



A Muslim has rights over Muslims; to be acknowledged and saluted by them; to be visited and cared for when he falls sick; to have them come to his funerals when he dies; and to accept his invitation when he invites them. (Bukhari, Muslim)


The above prophetic tradition shows the importance of visiting and going to the invitation of a fellow Muslim, for such acts increase brotherhood among Muslims. The glory of humanity ﷺ even warned those who decline an invitation by a fellow Muslim:


“The one who refuses an invitation is disobeying both God and His Messenger. And the one who goes to a feast without an invitation enters the place as a thief”.


Imam Birghivi (RA) also mentioned in his book “The Path of Muhammad” how to gain the pleasure of Allah ﷻ using one’s feet:



“You are in default of your duty if your feet do not carry you to schools and places of acquiring knowledge, and if they don’t lead you to mosques, to pilgrimage when required and to visit your parents, family and friends, and people who are sick in need of your support. Your feet are obliged to take you to the assistance of those suffering from tyranny and from accidents, to bring to funerals and to the welcome of people who are newcomers to the community. For men to strive to support protect their families, for women to care for their homes and children to help their parents in their chores…”


As we can see there are many opportunities to use positively the feet, so one should take advantage of this to increase love and harmony among Muslims and also to gain the pleasure and closeness of Allah ﷻ.


Purify your feet using Prophetic Path

The chart or sheet related to the feet gives you the ability to cultivate the mindfulness of avoiding to sin with your feet. The task related to the purification of the feet contains the details of the sins to be avoided, this list of the major and minor sins of the feet will in sha Allah boost your awareness of the different traps of Satan.

In reality, one way to counterattack Satan and avoid sinning is to be aware of the diverse plots of Satan and this is exactly what our course of Self-Purification brings into your life: the awareness of the divers tricks of Satan the archenemy of humanity and the mindfulness to avoid those trick by using the daily chart of self-accounting.




Once a person is done with the sin of the feet, then you will be also trained on how to use positively the feet following the example of the Glory of humanity ﷺ.

Register for more details about the overhaul course of the purification of the body, mind and heart, using our sophisticated website www.Prophetic-Path.com and one of kind App available to download on Google Play.

A gender-specific and qualified mentor will assist you during your whole journey of self-purification after your registration and all this for free!



“He will indeed be successful who purifies it. And he will indeed fail who corrupts it.” (91: 9, 10)

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