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  • Yasar

    “If anyone wants to know the summary of Islam, the Sunnah, the Qur’an, it is all within the Prophetic Path course. Islam is easy but we make it complicated. I feel blessed that Prophetic Path has simplified everything for me and removed all the complications. Since I began the Prophetic Path course I feel I am living the most peaceful way of life. Alhamdulillah”

  • Aamina

    “Prophetic Path has allowed me to put life into perspective. I am able to comprehend this duniya that Allah has created much better by looking at it from an Islamic point of view. Now, when i experience any sensory changes i.e. seeing, hearing, feeling etc, the first thing that comes to mind is what Allah or Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said on the matter.”

  • Abdullah

    “It’s huge! The only course that I have come across that actually provides practical help. It’s a life changer! And to top it all up, it is jam Packed with all the fantastic features you’ve ever wanted. I strongly recommend this course to all brothers and sisters out there and invite them to utilise the mentors who teach this course absolutely free of charge””

  • Anonymous

    “From the deepest corners of my heart, I thank Allah for guiding me towards this Path. It has changed my life forever, in a way that I can’t describe or comprehend. Gone are the days of emptiness and hollowness and my heart now dances in the season of spring, longing and desiring to please my Lord and Creator Allah Ta’la.”

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