Sincerity or hidden Shirk? What do your intentions say? PART1: Importance of Sincerity and Purity of intention

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Question from Prophetic Path Student: Assalamualaykum wa Rahmatullah, Dear Mentor, In relation to Level 1 sincerity is this to worship Allah ﷻ without Riya? Further, is it necessary to check the intention mid-way through the action and at its end? Jazakallah Khair Mentor Answer: Bismillahi, ar-Rahman, ar-Rahim, Waalaykum salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Baratuhu, Dear Student, Sincerity is a fundamental aspect … Read More

How to turn your back on Backbiting, Slander & Lying the Prophetic Path way!

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Question from Prophetic Path Student: Assalamualaykum wa Rahmatullah, Dear Mentor, If we were to talk about a public wrong that a well-known Islamic figure committed.  Would this be considered backbiting? Could you also advise me on how to avoid the sins of the tongue such as lying and slandering? Jazakallah Khair Mentor Answer: Bismillahi, ar-Rahman, ar-Rahim, Waalaykum salaam wa Rahmatullahi … Read More

How to improve concentration (Khushu) in your Salah by using the Prophetic Path Salah chart

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Question from Prophetic Path Student: Assalamualaykum wa Rahmatullah, Dear Mentor, In relation to the Salah chart I have noticed that I find it difficult to concentrate and I become heedless of Allah ﷻ during the shorter postures of Salah such as i‘tidal and jalsah. What advice can you provide me with in this regard?   Mentor Answer: Bismillahi, ar-Rahman, ar-Rahim, … Read More

How can I keep the spirit of Ramadhan alive all year round?

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  One of the persistent questions asked by many Muslims after the blessed Month Ramadhan is how to keep the spirit of Ramadhan alive all year round? Yes, this is possible and many people have achieved this by using Prophetic Path. In reality, the holy month of Ramadhan is a school of training in which Allah ﷻ trains us to … Read More

Worship for the blessed month of Ramadhan

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Worship for when Ramadhan ENTERS When Ramadhan enters, offer  2 rakaats of Salatul Taubah [prayer of repentance], present your sins to Allah ﷻ and beseech His forgiveness and say that you have wronged yourself and others; make intention that you are going to try not to sin; at least not in this month. Methodology of Salatul Tawbah (Repentance) The repenting … Read More

Gateway to a Successful Ramadan

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Ramadan is your opportunity for a second chance The Quran and Hadith inform us that when a person will die, when a person will enter the grave and when a person will stand before Allah ﷻ on the day of judgement he will beseech respite by asking ‘O Allah, give us another chance.’  These people will also make the same … Read More


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  The 15th of Sha’ban, also known as Laylatul Bha’rat is the night of seeking pardon and repenting to Almighty Allah, remembering our past sins and sincerely intending to live a life of righteousness in the future. On this auspicious night a person is given an opportunity for a new beginning as a person’s records, fate and destiny is recorded … Read More


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  Prophet Muhammad ﷺ told us, as narrated by Al-Imam al-Bayhaqi, that:   “Sha’ban is a month between Rajab and Ramadhan, much neglected by people. In it, the actions of all servants are raised to the Lord of the Worlds; I love that my actions are not presented except that I am fasting.”   Sha’ban is often referred to as the neglected … Read More

The States of Constriction (al Qabz) & Expansion (al Bast)

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          You should know that the states of the heart are two, which every son of Adam goes through on the face of this transient world. At any given point he will be going through one of these two states. The ulema (scholars) and the wise men have transmitted to us as being, constriction (Al Qa’bs) … Read More

Honouring the Prophetic Tradition in light of Surah ad-Duha

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Background to the revelation of Surah ad-Duha During the period of revelations, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala in his infinite wisdom allowed a gap in between his sending of wahi (revelation) to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. During this time the hypocrites, jealous and unfortunate people of the community began to spread rumours saying that Allah Ta’ala had abandoned and left Prophet Muhammad … Read More

Worship to be performed on the Night of Power (Laylat-ul Qadr)

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– Prophetic supplication for this night Hazrath Aisha narrated: “I asked: O Messenger of Allah! Tell me if I were to find a Night of Power, what should I recite therein?” Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) advised her to recite:   “Al-laa-hum-ma in-na-ka ‘afoow-wan tu-hib-bul-’af wa fa-fu ‘an-ni”. “O Allah! You are Forgiving, You love forgiveness, so forgive me”. … Read More

Crowning Glory of Ramadhan (Virtues of the Night of Power)

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Laylatul Qadr is the crowning glory of the holy month of Ramadhaan. It is associated with the sending down of the Holy  Qur’an, the last Book of Allah on His last Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam), for the guidance of mankind. The Qur’an Majeed describes this Night: إِنَّا أَنزَلْنَاهُ فِي لَيْلَةِ ٱلْقَدْرِ وَمَآ أَدْرَاكَ مَا لَيْلَةُ ٱلْقَدْرِ لَيْلَةُ ٱلْقَدْرِ خَيْرٌ … Read More

Welcome to the first official Prophetic-Path Blog!

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Assalamualaykum wa Rahmatullah. May the peace and blessings of Allah be with you! Welcome to the first official Prophetic-Path Blog! Well, as this our first ever blog it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves. We are an expanding team of brothers and sisters who are passionate about conveying the message of Islam firstly to ourselves and then to the world … Read More