Purification of the stomach using Prophetic Path

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Eating and drinking are an essential need for the survival of man. Allah ﷻ, out of His Immense Generosity provides a multitude of choice of foods and drinks to satisfy the hunger and thirst of man. Thus, we have the duty to appreciate these blessings from our Lord and avoid taking them for granted or to squander them. Indeed, like … Read More

Purification of the hands using Prophetic Path

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Our hands are a useful tool of the body that help us to carry things, to work, to give or take and many other countless things. As with the other parts of our body its blessings can become a source of evil, when the hands are used in unlawful ways that displease God Exalted is He. In this blog we … Read More

How do the ears sin? Find out with Prophetic Path

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You may wonder, ‘how on earth does one sin with the ears?’. Well, in actual fact when you realise that your body is a test for you, and that includes each and every one of your organs including your tongue, your eyes and even your ears then you will come to the realisation that you can actually commit good or … Read More